RIver & jaycee

styled elopement shoot

This shoot has some crazy back stories that I will never forget. Basically my husband, Trevor, finally announced his new wood working business @zibetti.co and with that announcement I wanted to do a shoot that would show case some of his work. We both wanted to do a styled elopement shoot with a custom arch piece that he had built (see below). So we went searching for the perfect wood, and we found it! Basically this entire tree was dead, half the wood was white, and half of it was black. It was perfect for a southern utah scenery! Trevor put real sweat, tears, and blood (minus the tears) into cutting down this tree and building the arch. The day had finally come for our shoot and we were going to meet Jaycee and River down south about 3 hours from where we lived near Capitol Reef National Park, and of course Trevor's truck wouldn't start. This was a problem because the arch would NOT fit in my tiny Fiat, we needed a larger car to carry this arch. This essentially put us back two whole hours. The plan was to arrive on location at least an hour or two early to scout for location before shooting. After trying basically everything we could I finally called my mom to see if I could borrow her car. It was our last and only hope, and luckily she said yes! A lot of other crazy bad luck happened that day, but it all turned out for the better. These images are by far some of my all time favorite. The entire shoot pushed me out of my comfort zone. Since we couldn't actually find Capitol Reef National Park, we basically just drove til we found some "decent" scenery. This spot was right off the road in the middle of nowhere and the sun had set basically 2o minutes after we started shooting, which forced me to shoot mostly everything with the sun completely out of the sky! 

I love these images and I'm so grateful for the creative team I had going into this. 
-Florals: The Potted Pansy
-Makeup: Marisa Rose
-Wedding Dress: Chantel Lauren
-Rings: Staghead Designs
-Arch: Zibetti & Co