Abby & Alex Bridals

Honestly so happy that Abby & Alex chose me to do their photos. They are so in love and you can totally tell. Our shoot got cut a little short (about 15-30 minutes into it) and Abby passed out. It was honestly the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me on a shoot. Especially since right before she passed out, Alex had lifted both of us over a barbed wire fence and then climbed over himself. So there Abby was on the ground and we had to find a way to get her back over the fence. I, being very uncoordinated, decided against climbing over the barbed wire fence without any help, so I found a dug out spot where I climbed under, Alex lifted Abby over the fence to me, climbed back over himself, and then they were on their way to the hospital. 

I share this story with the couples permission, and Abby is okay! She is healthy and nothing too serious happened. Anyway, LOVE THESE TWO!