dominica & tommy

a wedding in the middle of wine country

     First of all, let me just start by saying that this was my DREAM wedding. Everything about it was better than I ever could have imagined, and I have Dominica and Tommy to thank for that. I knew this wedding would be good when Dominica sent me all her mood boards, but seeing it all unfold was even better. Dominica and Tommy truly have a special love and I think it's easy to see through these pictures. The fact that Tommy teared up during the first look gave me chills! I rarely have grooms that get emotional, so witnessing that was something special for me. Also, don't even get me started on the location! Driving to the venue was simply stunning. We were passing vineyards left and right and I was getting so anxious to see what this place was going to look like. Wolf Feather Honey Farm (even the name is charming) is so tucked away that it would be hard to find if you didn't have proper directions... even google maps couldn't get us there. Yep. Dominica had to send us a step by step list of directions in order to find this place. It was so secluded and that was probably my favorite part. Only their closest family and friends were there and even though I had only known these two for a day I could tell that they were destined for each other.  The ceremony spot was a dream, the decorations were a dream, the couple was a dream.. everything was a dream! Like seriously, after returning home from this wedding I couldn't stop raving about it.