The Start of Something New



Welcome to the 'Life' section of my website. I've had this here for quite some time now, and many of you have clicked on this tab only to find nothing. Oops! I've had every intention of starting a "life blog" but haven't found the time or courage to do so. I'm not so sure if this actually requires "courage" but I am a little nervous about starting this. My vision and purpose of this blog is to allow my future clients to know a little bit more about me before they actually meet me. I wish I could meet everyone that emails me instantly, but that's just not how things work. I obviously love photos, but I did't have a great place to share all my personal pictures-until now. Hopefully I can accomplish that with this blog.


So, here it is! 

thanks in advance for following this new journey.

xoxo, Ashley

photo by  Taylor Jarman

photo by Taylor Jarman