OHHH what can I say about Hawaii?! There were too many good things about this trip. It was the first time me and my family had ever been and we were in awe the whole time. Oahu is absolutely stunning. It really is such a magical place. We stayed in the Aulani Disney resort for the first half of our trip. We felt like Kings and Queens. They had multiple pools, a lazy river, and their own private beach. This was our relaxing portion of our trip and it was sooo nice. We ventured over to Paradise cove one day and got to swim with wild sea turtles (see video). Our second half of the trip was spent on Waikiki beach in a hotel called The Modern. This half was spent exploring the island a little more. We drove to the north shore one day and snorkeled at Shark's cove and then played at Keiki's beach after eating at some yummy food trucks. We also spent a day at the Polynesian Cultural center which was so much fun! anyway, I could go on and on about this trip but I'll let the video and pictures do the rest of the talking.