Our Story

Trevor and I met on a blind date last March. I was good friends with one of his best friends who would occasionally talk about Trevor and how he was coming home from his mission soon. I never thought anything of it until his friend, Tanner, snapchatted me a picture of Trevor the day or two after he got home. I immediately knew I wanted to go out with him so I made Tanner set us up on a date. A few days before our planned blind date Tanner had several friends over to watch a basketball game at his apartment. I went knowing that Trevor would also be  there. It was slightly awkward because we knew who each other was, and that we were going on a date in a couple days, but both of us were too shy to talk to each other. We sat on opposite sides of the room the entire game. Afterwards Trevor came up to me and gave me a high five and then left. I always tease him about the high five... so awkward.  A few days later we finally went on our first date. We went ice skating*, got crepes, and watched the Fault in Our Stars on a bean bag. I expected Trevor to be awkward since he had only been home from his mission for about 10 days and I was his first date since being back, but he wasn't!  After that we were inseparable. I think that between our first date and now we've only spent about a month apart. We have spent almost every day together. I knew I wanted to marry Trevor after about 4-5 months of dating. It took him a little longer to figure things out. I'm so glad he decided to stick with me. I love him so much and I can't wait to see where "our story" takes us. 

*to this day we have not gone ice skating once since our first date. Trevor hates it. 

photos by India Earl

makeup by Marisa Rose